“Thank you for sharing your expertise, knowledge, experience, passion and good, kind heart.  Your leadership, vision, and professionalism have been personally inspiring.  I have been enriched by having the opportunity to work with you.”

-Deborah Schilder, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations, Pen Bay Waldo Healthcare Foundation

“As the Director of the California Healthy Cities Projects, I have had the pleasure of working with the firm of Health and Education Communication Consultants. They were retained for a complex communication and education project which involved multiple components and required the use of several subcontractors for graphic design, the development of multi-media projects and final production. The target audiences for these products are diverse in their professional backgrounds, thereby requiring highly skilled communication ability.  In each aspect of our contract with HECC, they exhibited the highest degree of professionalism.  I have found them to be highly skilled, through, conscientious, and efficient.  They have been extremely flexible regarding unanticipated changes—in timelines and in the direction of specific projects—which became necessary during the course of the contract.  HECC has my unqualified endorsement and highest recommendation.”

-Joan M. Twiss, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Civic Partnerships

“Thank you for the outstanding work that you performed for our Department and for our oversight committee, the Tobacco Education & Research Oversight Committee. I have been impressed with the skills and abilities that you have brought to the projects, your knowledge of government, public health and education, which seemed to give you the understanding and ability to ‘step in and go with it.’ You were effective in communicating and working with the disparate membership on the TEROC and ECS staff, each of whom have definite beliefs on what should be in the documents and how the issues should be framed. Your strong ability to communicate was evident in your writing, and we are pleased with the presentation and layout of the materials.  The bottom line, the principals and the users are happy with the final documents.”

-William E. Ruppert, Tobacco Control Section, California Department of Health Services (Ret)

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